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Immediate Bitcoin Features

Zero trading fees

There are no bitter surprises with us. We deliver what we say! Our fee criteria mechanism is published on the trading conditions page. Immediate Bitcoin doesn’t charge any license fees. However, a commission of up to 2% applies to all profitable trades. We do not charge any fees for unprofitable trades.

Proven Performance

We are widely reviewed by both our users and experts across the globe. Our system is top ranking in a highly competitive environment with hundreds of participants across the globe, including leading Wall Street hedge funds.

Multiple Tradable Assets

We offer a wide range of CFDs in crypto. Popular pairs on our platform include BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, ETH/USD, and XRP/USD. Our powerful algorithm identifies the pairs with the biggest potential and gives them a priority. The system can place up to 15 trades per minute.

Why Invest with Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin software provides an easy, safe, and extremely profitable way to trade BTC. You could earn fortunes through our system during high market volatility. Most of those who try us end up making decent profits. We offer leveraged trading to increase the size of profitability from small accounts.

The Immediate Bitcoin app has entered into a partnership with leading brokers in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. These brokers facilitate the trading environment and handle transactions with our clients. All our partner brokers fall under the regulatory mandate of tier-one authorities.

Immediate Bitcoin values our clients' safety and have, therefore, invested in the best platforms safety measures. Our website relies on AES encryption and is therefore impenetrable by most forms of cyberattacks. We are part of the EU GDPR and therefore handle clients’ data in strict confidentiality.

Immediate Bitcoin is Generating Millionaires through Fast-paced BTC CFDs trading

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Immediate Bitcoin legit?

We are a legit and safe trading system equipped with tested and verified trading technologies. Our trading ecosystem is powered by DLT to ensure transparency and frictionless peer to peer transactions.

2. How much does Immediate Bitcoin cost?

We are in the final stages of the pilot testing phase and still offering our trading system on a free license. The free license may not last forever, and it’s, therefore, prudent to register now. Those who sign up on a free license and maintain their accounts will not be charged any fees for a lifetime.

3. How much do I invest with Immediate Bitcoin?

You can get started with us with a deposit of as little as USD250. The underlying brokers facilitate all deposits through our platform. You will link with one of these brokers and be prompted to deposit.

4. How much can I make in a day?

Immediate Bitcoin generates up to 80% in daily ROI during high market volatility. You could earn a handsome daily profit by a deposit as little as $250. Immediate Bitcoin allows you to grow your daily ROI through reinvestments.

5. Does Immediate Bitcoin offer a trading app?

We have invested in our platforms to offer the best trading experience. You can access our web-trader on your desktop and mobile devices. The web-trader is compatible with most browsers and can be installed in mobile devices in HTML5 version.

6.  Is Immediate Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?

We are neither a pyramid scheme nor a Ponzi scheme. The payouts we make to clients are derived from speculating on BTC volatility. Our trading system can bet and generate profits on both rising and falling prices.

An in-depth Dive into Immediate Bitcoin

Getting Started with Immediate Bitcoin

You can trade with us from over 160 countries that support retail CFDs trading. Only a few countries prohibit retail CFDs trading. These countries include the US and a few others.

Trading with Immediate Bitcoin doesn’t require any special skills. Register a free account with us through the steps below.

1) Register a free Immediate Bitcoin account by submitting the required registration details through the provided sign up form. All clients’ data is held in strict confidentiality as per the GDPR.

2) After registration, you will redirect to one of our partner brokers. Submit the required details to verify your account. We only work with reputable brokers, and hence all your data is safe.


3) You will be prompted to fund your Immediate Bitcoin account with at least USD250. This is the amount that the bot will use to place bets on BTC price swings. Such a small deposit can generate fortunes under favourable market conditions.

4) Read our trading instructions and test your understanding through the provided demo. Shift to live trading when ready by toggling the “Live session” button. Immediate Bitcoin could be profitable, but trading with it also attracts significant risk. It’s imprudent to invest all your savings in a highly risky investment.

What is Immediate Bitcoin?

We are among the first AI-driven systems to offer exclusive BTC trading. A BTC trading system conducts all BTC trading automatically. This means that anyone can use the system since all the technical trading functions happen on auto-pilot.

Our trading system is extremely powerful and among the most profitable trading systems in the market today. We are positively reviewed by both individual consumers and experts.

Immediate Bitcoin is a few trading systems in the industry with over 50,000 individual consumer reviews on TrustPilot. We have invested in the best of technologies to ensure a transparent trading environment.

Try your luck with Immediate Bitcoin by following the guide below.

Facts about Immediate Bitcoin:

Immediate Bitcoin offers some of the best trading technologies in the crypto industry. Here are exciting facts about our system.

  • Immediate Bitcoin algorithms can analyze extremely large data sets at supersonic speeds and generate highly accurate signals
  •  You can earn good profits with our system from the first minute of trading during high market volatility.
  • Immediate Bitcoin doesn’t charge any registration fees. Moreover, you pay nothing until you are profitable.
Immediate Bitcoin in the Media

This trading platform has gained a lot of media attention in recent days. The high popularity is associated with the ongoing crypto boom. Analysts predict that the boom will push BTC prices to over $100,000 by the end of this year.

Immediate Bitcoin performance is at its highest during increased market volatility. Our trading system is reviewed as the best crypto volatility trading platform in 2021.

We are reviewed positively on over ten heavy traffic crypto publications. And just like any other popular trading system, we are targeted by fake rumours as explained below.

  • Immediate Bitcoin and Elon Musk – Elon Musk is a big fan of BTC and has regularly been quoted advocating for its mass adoption. Some gossip platforms claim that Elon Musk has directly endorsed Immediate Bitcoin. However, this is not true. Our trading system is highly popular but not dependent on celebrity endorsements.
Immediate Bitcoin Review – The Verdict!

We are a safe and highly reputable trading system. You can trade with us from anywhere, and without any trading experience.

Immediate Bitcoin is among the few high performing trading systems in the market today. We only charge our users a 2% commission on profits generated through our system.

Immediate Bitcoin profitability is as a result of its powerful AI-driven trading algorithms. We offer our users trading leverage of up to 4000:1 to enable them to profit from small price movements.Try your luck with us now by signing up below.

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